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Some Special Numbers
About ZeroG Experience


 ► 2017, the year that future becomes                present.

 90min on board of A340 aircraft.

 ► 25min will be enjoyed on Zero G.

 ► You’ll experience 15 parabolas.

 ► Each parabola will provide you between        20 and 25 seconds of weightlessness.

 ► 3 different zones to suit most people’s          budget. Vip, Premium and Party Zone. 

 ►  50 flights running until December, in 15         countries and 3 different continents.





                                    THE PLANE                                    


To perform this experience, it is only possible with a special aircraft.

The airbus A340 is a modified plane, designed with a specific reason: to give everyone the chance to freely float and live the ultimate experience of ZeroG.

To achieve this, you will fly in a wider bodied aircraft, which allows infinitely more space than our competitor's products, for a completely weightless experience.





                                    3 DIFFERENT FLIGHT PHASES                                    



During the flight on board of A340, the traveller will have the opportunity to enjoy 3 different flight phases:


Phase 1 – Transit Flight







The passengers on board the plane are seated in their dedicated cabin for take-off until they reach 24’000 feet (8’500 metres).




Phase 2 – Pre-ZeroG






Passengers lay down on the floor of the adjoining cabin to prepare for the 1.8G they will experience. This is similar to jumping from a height of 1 metre. During this time, the plane will be flying to 45° angle to 34’000 feet (11’500 metres).




Phase 3 – ZeroG




The passengers will start to feel weightlessness, a new experience for most . They will start floating in the cabin for 20 to 25 seconds. After this 1st time, the passengers will continue to experience further weightlessness as the plane goes through several more parabolas, finally returning to the seated cabin for landing back at the departure airport.



                                   Now, we just need to take off!                                   





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