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I know that packing your bags can be a challenging task at times, but with these few simple tips hopefully your packing problems will diminish! 


We called upon our packing whizz Lorraine Fuller, to give us her secrets to efficient packing. Her tips and tricks won’t just calm the chaos of shoving all of your belongings into a suitcase and hoping it closes, but will help you to stroll from the airport security line all the way to the hotel and beyond, stress-free!


10 Packing Pointers:


1. Check the weather forecast for your entire holiday before you put anything near your suitcase, just to be sure you know what you are packing for!


2. Before you even begin to pack your suitcase, Plan and lay out outfits ahead of time, choosing versatile pieces.


3. Choose your outfits wisely - pick items that will work for a number of looks so you can rank high on the style stakes without sacrificing the space in your suitcase! It's also vital to only pack things that you will 100% wear.  While your holidays may seem like the perfect time to parade your new purchases, try it on a few times before you go to make sure that you will in fact wear them. 


4. There is sure to be a number of items that you simply cannot leave behind from your holidays, so make sure not to over pack! Remember that you will need to leave room for all of the new items that you will be tempted to buy once you reach your destination.


5. Store small items and accessories in shoe bags or mesh laundry bags. This is the perfect way to separate out your small belongings and keeping them organised. By keeping all of your small and similar items together while you live out of your suitcase will help you to stay organised and this will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by the chaos of your case!


6. Keep your passport and travel documents in a holder, giving each piece of documentation its own designated pocket. Keeping all of your important papers and documents together is vital; there are no exceptions to this rule! Not only will it stop the delay in the airport as you search for each piece of relevant documentation, but it will also leave you with only one important item to keep your eyes on.  Pick the front pocket of your suitcase as the home for your document holder for easy access, and always return it to that place once you are finished with it. Just to think back to all of the airport panic moments that you have had because you cannot find your passport. 


7. Store all of your toiletries in a clear plastic bag. This seems obvious and somewhat trivial, but being able to see everything will make your life so much easier!


8. Make sure that you put small amounts of your liquid beauty products into travel size containers when travelling with carry-on luggage. By pre-measuring out your shampoo and conditioner, it makes for more- organized luggage, and is also more likely to prevent spills, and ensures that you will meet airport regulations and move through security more efficiently. Liquids in containers of volume up to 100ml each are generally allowed through airport security, and trust me, there is nothing worse than throwing out your newly purchased products at the security line.


9. Keep electronics in an organizer. It is best to carry your chargers and adaptors in plastic Ziploc bags. This can help to prevent damage in case of spillage. This also means that they are conveniently stored for visible and easy access.


10. Create a small medical kit. Pack items in case of an emergency while travelling. Create a small medical kit containing essentials such as pain relief, plasters and antiseptic cream to bring with you. This will make your life so much easier.


How to pack clothing into a suitcase:

We believe that the best way to organise your bag is by placing all shoes (covered in plastic bags) along with larger and heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase. You can then roll your smaller items at the top to keep them mostly wrinkle free and to save space.

This also helps if you need to take something out of your suitcase in a hurry, that you can see more of your items immediately.


Think before you go:


# Valid Passport

Check that your passport and identification cards are valid for your intended period of stay (normally countries in Europe and USA). Some countries require to be in possession of passports that are valid for six months beyond the period of their intended stay.


# Banks often block access outside Ireland as a security measure.


You’d better inform your bank that you are travelling abroad, as they can freeze your credit cards and debit cards which can have disastrous consequences (especially if it’s weekend or bank holiday).


# Have online access to your travel documents


You should also create a folder on Dropbox or email to yourself a copy of all your travel documents and medical information so that in case of an emergency, you will have them on hand.

Know your limits and be sure of your airlines baggage restrictions before you begin to pack! There is nothing worse than being handed a fee at the airport for oversized baggage.


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