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Top places to visit in China


What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word China? Is it the Beijing Olympics or is it Chinese food? How well do we really know this stunning country? With its breath-taking architecture, delicious food and its fantastic scenery, we think it’s worth getting to know. Here are some of our top places to visit while in China, while travelling with Wendy Wu Tours!

Wendy Wu Tours

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Where do we even begin when talking about Beijing?! Traditional yet vibrant, Beijing, the capital of China, is home to some of the most iconic sites and landmarks in China. Get ready to soak in the Chinese culture while here and immerse yourself in the traditions. While in Beijing, make sure you check out Beihai Park. Feel free to rent one of the paddle boats and spend an evening here. It’s home to Beijing’s most beautiful public park. Don’t forget, it’s also the food capital of China so come here hungry, because you’re in for a treat! Dumplings are a great way to get a taste of Northern China. Whether you see them in a street stall or in a fancy restaurant, they’re worth tasting while here. Or perhaps try some Perking Duck while in Beijing. It’s specially prepared roast duck, wrapped in thin pancakes with some vegetables. Peking duck was a favourite dish for the Emperor during the Qing Dynasty. Many Chinese go out at least twice a month to enjoy this dish. You’ll have to try it for yourself. Beijing was built for royal families to relax and enjoy entertainment. It is a combination of beautiful gardens, bridges, lakes and palaces. In ancient times it was an area of retreat for the emperor and the empress. On your visit make sure to view the Marble Boat and the long corridor with painting views overhead. Finish your night by watching a Chinese acrobatic show with Wendy Wu Tours. There really is so much to do and see while in Beijing.



The Forbidden City

Also known as the Imperial City, The Forbidden City, is the world’s largest palace complex. The Forbidden City served as the home to emperors for over 500 years. If you really want to see how large it is, visit Jingshan Park where here, you’ll be able to enjoy a hilltop view of the whole complex. Wow! It’s a must visit for anyone lucky enough to visit Beijing. In the Charming China package with Wendy Wu Tours, take a ride through a traditional hutong neighbourhood on rickshaws, popping into visit a family at home, to learn about life living in the hutongs, from the locals themselves! We recommend visiting The Forbidden City early as it can get very busy. 



Temple of Heaven

Walk through some of the 267 hectares of park and you will see many groups of people, a lot of retired older groups playing cards, board games, practicing Tai Chi and even singing! There’s defiantly something for everyone here. Go people watching while sitting back enjoying the view and having an ice cream. This sounds amazing to us! The Temple of Heaven remains one of the most important examples of Chinese architecture. While here, don’t forget to check out the magic of the echo hall. We don’t want to give away too much, but you’re guaranteed to have a laugh while here!




The history of Shanghai spans over thousands of years. Shanghai was originally a small agricultural village! This village has expanded to become one of Asia’s major financial centers and the world’s busiest container port. It’s now also China's biggest and most prosperous city! As your guide accompanies you through Hutong narrow unnamed streets, make sure to taste the local cuisine, such as Shanghai wraps, Mongolian hot pot, fresh noodles and par herbal soup. If you’re looking for a memorable stay, this is more than ideal. Watch how the Chinese traditions and Western customs intertwined to form the city it is today. Visit the Shanghai Museum with Wendy Wu Tours and admire the architecture on the Bund. Later, view the city from the Huangpu River on a cruise. There’s a Disney Resort here, which is a huge attraction for the young and the young at heart! It also creates records among the other Disneyland resorts. For example, it has the tallest theme castle and the first garden designed zone! Also, whether you’re a shopaholic or not, you’ll defiantly be persuaded by the time you finish your visit to Shanghai. There are various shopping areas selling absolutely everything you can imagine! Sounds like a dream come through! There’re also various types of dancing that takes place daily on the streets of Shanghai. When you’re there, you’re almost guaranteed to see pensioners gather with a boom box to gracefully move and turn, ballroom style. Feel free to join in!



Old town and Yu Gardens

Yu Gardens is a must see for every tourist to Shanghai, with shops selling herbal medicine, handy crafts, Chinese tea and local snacks. Yu Gardens is a perfect example of Chinese garden style. The garden was built in Ming era as a retirement gift from the current governor to his father. After this, visit the Silk Factory with the Wendy Wu Tours with the Chaarming China package. Take an evening cruise on the Huangpu River, it is a superb way to see the two sides of this dazzling city. View high rise modern master pieces which have only been built since the early 1900’s. Among these buildings is the old town with its traditional shops selling many handmade crafts. Take a cruise during the night and enjoy a different experience as you will view dazzling bright lights of the Pudong, the more modest lights of the Bund and stunning buildings.



Great Wall of China

If you’re only going to visit one historic site in China, you must make it this one! It’s unbelievable and you just have to see it with your own eyes to realise how incredible it is! The Great Wall is one of the greatest sites in the world. Noted as one of the top wonders in the world, it also is the largest wall in the world, with the wall being over 21,000km in length. Not only is the wall itself amazing but the views you get from the wall too! Make sure you don’t forget your camera while here as there are so many fantastic photo opportunities along the way! After your visit, we recommend taking The Toboggan Ride to get back down. It’s defiantly in our top list of exciting things to do while in China. With the Wendy Wu Tours, visit the Jade Factory, then enjoy the idyllic landscapes of the Summer Palace as you wander through traditional Chinese gardens and view the stunning architectue. It truly is worth the visit!



Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum

The museum is a very interesting place to check out if you’re looking for more information into China’s intriguing past. The Terracotta Army sculptures make for a very brilliant photo to make everyone at home jealous! Take a guided tour or listen to an audio about the history of the empior and their soldiers.Take a leisurely stroll with the Wendy Wu Tours crew on the beautifully perserved 14th century city walls that enclose Xian's old town, then join the optional tour to see Xian lit u at night. They also give you the opportunity to meet one of the farmers who stumbled upton the life-size warriors in 1974, with the Exquisite China package. You don’t have to be a history lover to enjoy yourself here. It’s a place everyone should visit at least once in their life, so now’s your chance!



Leshan Giant Buddha

Get ready to be in awe of the magical and mysterious Leshan Giant Buddha. This Buddha is 71 meters in height, so you defiantly wont miss it! Situated in Leshan, the Leshan Giant Buddha has been there for thousands of years. The monk that carved the Buddha out of the cliff, hoped that this Buddha would protect the people who used the water supply at the bottom of the statue. Considering this project took over 90 years to complete, its defiantly worth the visit! Windy Wu Tours package 'China Delights' offers travellers the chance to get a bird's eye view of the Buddha from the adjacent park, followed by a short boat trip that gives excellent views from the river. 



Overall, there are many amazing things to do here in China, we could go on about it all day! Check out some of our Windy Wu Tour packages to China below for more details. Happy travelling!


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