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Lovely Lapland

Who else is excited to visit the home of Santa?! Lapland is something straight out of a fairy-tale, no matter your age. Get ready for the knee-deep snow and sparkling pine trees, because you, my friend, are in for a massive treat! This is a trip like no other, where you’ll have the most amazing time, not only meeting Santa and his reindeer, but experiencing a world like no other. There’s so much fun and enjoyment that you won’t be bored, even for a second. Even on the plane, it is full of festive carols and games. Lapland will take your travel experience to a new level!

Snow Activities

Fortunately, nearly every activity here includes snow so make sure you get the chance to grab a sled and slide down the snow filled hills. Collect your thermal clothing and go explore all that Lapland has to offer. Take a chance on a snowmobile through the white blanket forest of Lapland while children are lucky enough to take part in a sleigh ride pulled by Santa’s reindeer. Experience the thrill of driving away from civilization, driving over frozen lakes and rivers. Rent some skis while in Lapland, and ski on some of the most glorious hills you’ve ever seen. Build a snowman for us while you’re here! Or perhaps try something different and go ice fishing. Don’t worry, there are plenty of hot drinks and the hotels in Lapland are so warm and cosy that you’ll defiantly heat up after.



Meet Santa’s reindeer & huskies

Meet Santa’s reindeers and feed them their favourite snacks. Upon completion of your amusing reindeer ride, you’ll receive your special reindeer licence. Also meet Santa’s huskies, these dogs are extremely passionate and will jump with joy once they see you as they are very eager to take off on their sledge. They’re also very excited to see you! They’ll take you on a husky ride, where you will get the chance to hear about the life of a husky. They love nothing more than a dish in the beautiful woods.



Santa’s Grotto

Each family receives a private meeting with Santa including a present for children and we can honestly say this is the moment everyone waits for while in Lapland. Meeting Santa is something no child will ever forget, even for parents, seeing the look on your child’s face when they get to speak to the Father Christmas themselves, is truly magical. Find Santa’s Grotto in the frosty forest with the help of his helpful reindeer and huskies. If you’re good, the elves may give you clues on where his magical grotto is. Be aware, the elves love a good snowball fight! Don’t forget to write your letter to Santa before you leave for your trip as he loves reading all the Christmas letters he receieves infront of a nice cosy fire. Ask him questions and he may even let you in on Christmas secrets.



Visit Santa’s Village

If souvenirs are your thing, then you should visit this site, as there will defiantly be something around that will catch your eye. You will also have the chance to visit the Arctic Circle Post Office, where you will see where all your letters are mailed to once you send them to Santa. You can also send a letter using Santa’s official stamps. To top that, you will also receive a certificate to prove that you and your family have crossed the Arctic Circle and Santa will personally sign it himself! While you’re here, don’t forget to bake some delicious gingerbread with the friendly elves!



Elf School

Try spot the elves in the picturesque woods before they spot you and take you on an incredible journey to Elf School. Experience what life as an elf is really like as you get to experience the school days an elf child goes through. You will learn the key roles of being an elf, you will also get the chance to decorate gingerbread in the elf bakery. You’ll be amazed when you view where the elves live while they’ll tell you tales and secrets of The North Poll. Find out how they make all the amazing fun toys for all the boys and girls of the world. Our favourite part is that you get to help in Santa’s toy factory! Who doesn’t want the chance to experience that feeling of working in Santa’s very own factory.



The Snow Village

Visit the beautiful snow village, each year snow and ice are used to create a beautiful snow village. The snow village contains a snow hotel filled with rooms built of snow, it also contains a restaurant and corridors full of beautiful artwork to view. After stop at The Ice Bar and cosy up with a hot drink, or something stronger! It is really an experience not to be missed as it’s extremely breath-taking to look at. 20 million kilos of snow and 350,000 kilos of ice are used to create the village that constantly amazes visitors! Wow! Make sure you check out the Artistic Igloo and see the fantastic ice sculptures there.



The Northern lights

This experience may only occur once in your life so take the opportunity to view the beautiful Aurora Borealis. Take in the magnificent views of the lights flicker through the massive sky above us. Find out about the legends of The Northern Lights by the locals or a tour guide. One myth is that the lights are actually spirits of great fishermen and hunters. If you want to find out more, you’re going to have to go and find out more yourself!  It really is a fantastic experience. While you’re here, make sure you have a traditional Lappish BBQ. It’s delicious!



We hope you enjoyed this blog and we just know you’re going to have the most wonderful time in Lapland! It is the destination for the ultimate family experience. It really is something not to be missed! Check out our amazing offers below for more information

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