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Explore the cities that appear in your favourite romcoms

There’s a reason the most adored romcoms are set in cities like Paris, London and Prague. It’s to show that love can happen anywhere around the world! For the nostalgic among us that want to experience the magic of these movies, we have gathered a list of our favourite movies that feature our favourite cities! It’s like a dream come through for wanderlust movie lovers.


Notting Hill, England

Our first movie is an absolute classic. Not only is Notting Hill one of London’s most Instragammable locations, with its trendy pastel coloured houses and its cute cafes, but it’s where one of our favourite movies is set. You can’t lie and say you never saw it before! There are self-guided tours that you can take around Notting Hill to visit the different spots that are shown in the movie. Although you might not find Hugh Grant strolling around his bookshop there, you can find fantastic spots around the town such as Portobello Road Market, the heart of the film, but be prepared to shop until you drop! This is one of the most famous markets in the world, so even if you’re not a huge fan of Notting Hill, this is defiantly worth the visit.

Rosemead Gardens is another stop on the list that you must visit while in Notting Hill. Although we don’t recommend climbing over the gate like Hugh Grant, this private garden is locked and only residents have access. However, it is opened when London hosts an Open Gardens Squares Weekend. While in Notting Hill, you just have to visit the iconic ‘Blue Door’. It’s where Grant’s character lived and although the original door was sold, the current owners of the flat have replaced the door for a blue one to help tourists like you and me to find the door! You’ll find the famous blue door on 280 Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill .



New York City, USA

Romcoms set in New York City just can’t go wrong! There’s hardly an inch of New York City that isn’t in the background of someone’s favourite movie. The best part is that there are so many different film and series locations tours you can do while in New York. Here, we’re all a huge fan of Breakfast At Tiffany’s so it’s no surprise that this made our list. ‘Ah I just love New York’ we do too Audrey Hepburn! You can visit the locations of the movie while in New York, such as Holly Golightly’s apartment, located at 169 East 71st Street and Lexington Avenue, Manhattan. The New York Public Library and Central Park are also stunning places from the movie where you can practice your inner Holly Golightly! You might even catch us standing outside Tiffany’s with a cup of coffee and a Danish pastry!

Although the title of Sleepless in Seattle might be a little deceiving, this movie was primarily filmed in The Red Apple. I mean, who can forget The Empire State Building scene??! Similarly, You’ve Got Mail is a must see for those who haven’t had the privilege to witness this movie before! If you visit Café Lalo, you might end up spotting another You’ve Got Mail fan! Also, although Central Park really does hog the spotlight when it comes to parks in New York, Riverside park is just as stunning, and it so happens to be where Kathleen realises Joe is NY152! Our hearts! Riverside park is opened 24 hours so make sure you stop by.



Paris, France

Ah Paris, the city of love and croissants. Our two favourite things! Charming, romantic and chic, Paris is always portrayed to be the most romantic place on earth, thanks to Hollywood films. Strolling hand in hand through Parisian streets sounds like the most perfect way to spend an afternoon. Walk in the footsteps of your favourite stars and visit the most iconic areas in Paris that show the best of love! As you’ve probably guessed, Moulin Rouge was filmed in Paris! The Cabaret is still a major attraction in Paris that invites you in to watch the fabulous dancers. This Cabaret is also home to the original cancan, so it’s defiantly worth a visit! Or follow in Anne Hathaway’s footsteps when her character Andrea visits Paris for Fashion Week in The Devil Wears Prada. Such a brilliant movie!! Hathaway visits the fountain at Place De La Concorde in the film and so should you! 



Boston, USA

As so many of Hollywood’s A listers are from Boston, it’s no surprise that a lot of the world’s best movies are filmed here. What do Legally Blonde, Good Will Hunting and My Best Friend’s Girl all have in common? The glorious Boston of course! Boston is a movie lovers dream! Good Will Hunting showed us a lot of the south of Boston, which was more than ideal for this movie! Take a tour around Boston and visit the best movies sights. Kick back and have a drink in The L Street Tavern like Damon and Affleck or perhaps take a selfie on the famous bench where Damon and Robin Williams have their famous heart to heart. Although most of the locations filmed in Legally Blonde are set in California and London, Elle Woods makes her appearance in Boston a few times throughout the movie.



We hope you enjoyed this blog and if you're going to visit any of these locations or other film favourites, don't forget your camera! You can find city break offers here! 

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