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They say the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, but one single step will not get you where you want to go. We offer a variety of walking and trekking adventure holiday opportunities complete with everything you need for an active and comfortable excursion. Each trip includes experienced trail guides, porters for luggage and gear when needed as well as comfortable accommodation. All you need is the spirit of adventure and your ready and able legs. Imagine trekking towards the snowy highlands of Kilimanjaro or through active fields of rice in Vietnam. No matter what level of ability you have, there is a an adventure holiday for you that will invigorate both your body and your mind.




If you are not quite up to mountain climbing or braving the elements, a walking holiday may be your best bet. You can warm up your legs and get your feet moving without causing sore muscles or feeling fatigue at the end of the day. Some options include the exotic Lycian Way in Turkey, the Mai Chau rice fields, and picturesque Thai grasslands. Just imagine breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the sights and sounds all around you on an adventure holiday, without any worry or strain.




It might be one step up from a stroll through a meadow, but our treks will not require climbing gear nor a love of extreme sports. A trek is a walk with a healthy dose of invigorating adventure thrown in. Head up Kilimanjaro or the Inca Trail. Even if you are a beginner when it comes to adventure holidays, we can help you achieve your dreams. You bring the boots and the can-do attitude and we will provide the rest.

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Walking & Trekking FAQ


Will high altitudes be a factor?

Most people on earth live closer to sea level and are not acclimated to the thinner air at higher altitudes. When we go to these types of environments, plenty of time will be given to get used to it before continuing on. Slow and steady not only keeps everyone feeling the best but also allows for more enjoyment of the surroundings.


What type of food will be provided?

Our experienced porters and cooks work together to transport the best ingredients, fresh produce included, and transform them into nourishing and delicious meals every day. You will be treated to a unique combination of international and local dishes suitable for most pallets. If there are any special dietary needs, please tell us about them before the trip takes place so we can make accommodations.


What are sleeping acommodations like?

Although you cannot expect five-star hotels on a mountain trek or a jungle hike, we make every effort to provide the most comfortable camping experience possible. The equipment we bring includes top-quality tents with appropriate weatherproofing and soft sleeping mats. Some treks do offer accommodation in mountain huts or cabins. These have single beds inside.


Are sleeping accomodations shared?

While we do offer a "My Own Room\Tent" option, most people end up sharing accommodations with other people in the small travel group. This is due to a matter of space. There simply aren't many large camping spots near the trails we follow. You may share a tent or mountain hut with people from your own tour group or other travelers on the same path. Co-ed bunking may occur and restrooms and hygiene stations are also shared. or mountain


Do I have to carry all my luggage and gear?

Every person on an active tour is responsible for their personal belongings. Experienced porters will carry necessary gear and equipment such as tents, cooking supplies, food ingredients, and other items. On some of the most advanced treks, you will be responsible for carrying all the gear yourself. These are journeys best suited to people who are used to wilderness backpacking or climbing holidays.


Are any other activities included?

While hiking or trekking to new locations is always a thrill, we do allow free time to explore the surrounding area and the villages and hamlets that dot the mountainsides. After all, the people are a large part of what makes these locations wonderful, and you should have the opportunity to meet the locals and explore their way of life. Several of our Alpine treks offer free days between hikes to rest and explore.


Who will be my guide?

We choose guides and porters for their experience and knowledge of the local landscape and communities. They have meandered down the same trails and tracks they lead you on for years. Not only can they give you tips to make your hiking holiday more enjoyable and safer, but there positive attitudes and high spirits will keep you motivated and support you through the rough patches.


I have no experience trekking. Can I still go and enjoy this?

While most of our trekking tours do not require high degrees of athleticism or endurance, only those who are confident of their physical health and condition should sign up. The first-timers are welcome on our active traveling tours. Your best bet is to tell us honestly what you can handle and we can help you choose the perfect active trip with a small group so you can enjoy everything without fatigue or strain.


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