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 Amazing adventure holidays require active participation and some effort.

If you want to get as close as possible to the landscape and life at any travel destination, you might want to get active and take control. Our adventure holiday packages include the gear, the guides, and the opportunity. All you have to do is have the power to take yourself to the places you have always dreamed of.


Get active with smaller groups when traveling.


· Everyone can enjoy an active adventure holiday.

There is no need to have Olympic-level endurance or professional athletic skills. We offer adventure holidays for the both very fit and for those wanting to take a slower pace. 


· Check out the Physical Demand ratings to pick the right adventure holiday for you.

Be honest with your limitations and explore our unique Physical Demand rating to determine which adventure holidays are right for you.


· Multiple choices help to satisfy everyones  interests and experiences.

Our various adventure holidays include hiking, cycling, and multi-sports adventures. While these activities may feature prominently, they are not the only type of active pursuits that you will do.


Step outside your comfort zones away from home.

While relaxation is a worthy goal, some of the best experiences of your life are the ones that you make happen instead of the ones that just happen to you. Adventure holidays put the power in your hands to forge life-changing memories. Choose your level of activity and go out to grab the experience of dogsledding, rock-climbing, hiking through hidden villages, or bicycling through the countryside.


Self-powered local transportaton gets you there.

Instead of only looking at interesting sites or watching events unfold before you, take a step up and meet it. You cannot expect to see all the best places from the window of a tour bus on an adventure holiday. If you choose bicycle transportation instead, every experience is so close you can touch it. Imagine cycling through the Chinese countryside to get a true experience before you reach the next city.


Experience the world on your own terms.

Travelling under your own power with a small group on an adventure holiday opens up more possibilities but does not get in the way of experiencing anything up close and personal. You don't have to worry about tickets, reservations, or any of the boring but necessary stuff. That leaves you with a wealth of time to enjoy each location.


Come and get it!

Whether you choose to bike, hike, trek, raft, or paddle, you will have opportunities to enjoy the most thrilling experiences on earth. What are you waiting for?


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There is no question why a bicycle is one of the most popular forms of transportation on earth. They move you more quickly than walking but still allow a close connection to the people and places along the way.


Bicycle travel works in almost any type of environment. A reasonably fit person can pedal down the mountain trail as easily as one in the desert or in a vast meadow. Whether you prefer to coast calmly through picturesque villages or zip past a panorama of distant mountain peaks, you will experience everything up close and personal. Bicycles' innate mobility allows you access to landmarks and landscapes you simply cannot reach in a bus or on a walking tour. You are in control and you set the pace. A quick stop at a village market or a tantalizing café can always be fit into the itinerary.


Get out and into the world the way it was meant to be. No computer screen, bus window, or guidebook should block your view of some of the most wonderful places on earth.


That is our philosophy when it comes to bicycle travel. No complication and no strain involved. It is never a race and no special gears needed. All you need to bring is an energetic pair of legs and your willingness to have an adventure.



Cycling FAQ


Can I trust the guide?

Absolutely. Every bike tour group has an experienced leader and, frequently, local guides to help you get the most out of each region. The paths between the excursion point and the destination may vary and are open to discussion at every turn.


How far and how fast will we go each day?

The distance and speed up travel depends on what type of bicycle tour you sign up for. We offer everything from relaxed rides where coasting and breaks may feel much of your time to more hard-core experiences that can invigorate and challenge those with more cycling experience.


Are trips suitable for beginners or experienced riders?

We offer a unique physical grading designation that includes everything from distance to terrain type to altitude. Higher numbers are harder rides.


How is my luggage transported?

Although most writers will carry a small bag with them at all times, the bulk of your luggage is transported by vehicle to the next destination. The idea behind our bicycle tours is not to rough it completely, but instead enjoy the trip without worrying about gear.


Are bikes available on site?

Although you are allowed to bring your own bicycles and other gear if you want, we have a fine selection of high-quality and thoroughly inspected bikes to suit anyone's needs.


Is any special cycling insurance needed?

We do not require specific cycling insurance. If any injuries are sustained, they would be covered by appropriate comprehensive travel insurance that we can recommend if you do not already have your own. It is your responsibility to make sure. Travel insurance is required for our active group tours.




Walking, hiking, biking, and more. Our active travel options include multi-sport adventures as well. Activities like white water rafting and spelunking or exploring caves offer extra excitement.


There are so many unique modes of transportation on Earth that it would be impossible to pack them into one adventure holiday. However, that does not stop us from trying to deliver as many as possible that suit the landscape and the location you journey to. Multi-sport trips combine specific destination characteristics with thrills you cannot get by simply hiking or biking. Imagine exploring a cave in Spain, viewing Vietnam from a kayak, or hopping on a dogsled to experience the chill of northern Sweden.


Multi-sport FAQ


What are some of the activities I might do?

The experts who design our trips have worked hard to come up with unique options. We offer so many different activities that you may not believe it when we tell you.


What types of groups are these?

Getting active with a small group will not only mean there are more people around to enjoy the experience but that you can forge friendships and camaraderies that may last a lifetime. Motivation will run high and celebrations at the end of the day will be that much sweeter.


I have no experience! Can I still take part?

Many people have not had the opportunity to go caving or rafting on a wild river until they sign up for an adventure trip like ours. You provide the sense of adventure and we will provide the guidance and security that experience brings.


Who will be my guide?

The local guides who manage these active adventures have been exploring or enjoying their regions and routes for many years. They understand every factor that goes into fun and are knowledgeable enough to make slight tweaks to the plan in response to changing conditions.


Will I have time to explore by myself?

Cleverly mixed between the active adventures is plenty of free time and more relaxed events that balance the whole trip and make it that much more memorable. Some may include a cooking class in Hoi An or a Scottish whiskey tasting.


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